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Important Updates From Pastor Lance:

Advent: A season of hope, waiting, joy, love and redemption.

December 16, 2020

Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll celebrate the Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. Advent means arrival and the Advent season marks a special time of worship for many of God’s people.  

Generally, the church observes the four Sundays before Christmas by emphasizing some of the promises and virtues God’s people emphasized as they waited for our Lord’s first arrival. Like many congregations, New City Fellowship of Sacramento will highlight the virtues of hope, preparation, joy, love, and Christ (on Christmas Eve) as a way of standing with our brothers and sisters around the world now and those who’ve waited before us.  

We’ll also celebrate this season of Advent with a special sermon series titled ‘As Far As The Curse is Found’ Messages of Hope in a Global Pandemic.  

Our prayer is that our services will serve to heighten our hope for our Lord’s second Advent in which He’ll rescue us from this present world and take us into His new city where we’ll experience the fullness of His joy, love, peace, and presence forever.

NCF Update on Issues of Race and Justice

December 3, 2020

As we’ve all seen, last week was one of, if not the most difficult week for our society in a very long time.

Praise the Lord dearly loved ones in Christ.

As we’ve all seen, last week was one of, if not the most difficult week for our society in a very long time.

These past few weeks have once more highlighted the issues of racism, injustice, and trauma present in this country which the church cannot ignore. Therefore, we’ll seek to have a biblical grounded, Christ-focused approach to them.
We’ll begin by incorporating issues of race, justice and unity into our regular Tuesday evening prayer time.

This coming Sunday, (June 7th) I plan to begin a sermon series covering what the Scriptures teach on these issues and how they connect to our worship of God, our walk before Him, and our witness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After our Emotionally Healthy Spirituality study, we’ll engage in the study of these issues. Below is a link to a series of podcasts I’ve done on biblical social justice if you want a preview of our next study.

I realize a few of us might be unfamiliar with how race and justice connect to the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’d encourage you to take the time to listen carefully to the sermons and bible studies while we walk through the wealth of Scripture on them.

Finally, dear ones, remember the Lord is our Shepherd.
He will guide us through this valley of deep darkness together, holding us close to Himself, even as we hold tightly to each other.