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This Sunday at New City Sac

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The Struggle is Real

 Sunday, November 21st, 2021. The Struggle Is Real. Romans 7:1-6.

One of the most discouraging aspects of faith in Christ is one that can actually be of great encouragement to us. That aspect is our struggle with sin. And struggle we should. We should struggle since through the new birth by the Spirit our appetites have changed.

Through the Spirit, we no longer embrace sin as the way to meet our needs, satisfy our desires, heal our pain and find meaning. Now we walk with our Lord who promised abundant life without the need to indulge in sin.

Since that’s the case why then do we still struggle? We struggle because of the presence of our regular human nature. It constantly resists the will and ways of God and seeks to draw us back into a lifestyle of sin.

Hence the blessing of the struggle. Our ongoing struggle with sin is one of the main indicators that we do in fact belong to Christ. Our struggle signals that our appetites have changed even if our actions haven’t quite caught up yet. So, praise God that our struggle is real and praise our wonderful redeemer for His complete victory over sin for us.