Welcome to the Children’s ministries of Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church!  Our department ministers to the needs of our children from infancy through high school. 

Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere where children feel accepted, loved, and appreciated as part of the church community.  We strive to provide programs that assist parents in laying a solid spiritual foundation for their children. 

Our goal is to provide doctrinally sound programs that are intellectually and spiritually stimulating, where children learn to love God, enjoy Bible study, and learn to listen to a sermon.  We emphasize applying what is learned in daily life.

For more information on our Children's Ministries, please contact our Director of Children's Ministries, Cherilyn Larsen.




Infants - 3yrs

We offer nursery care for infants up to three years of age. We strive to provide a stable, safe, calm environment for our youngest children and provide snacks, music, stories, and simple age-appropriate crafts for the toddlers as well as loving care of our infants.

Children's Church

3yrs - 4TH Grade

Our Children’s Church currently offers two classes; 3 years old to Kindergarten, and 1st-4th grade and are taught by teachers who have committed to serving their classes from September- July. We use Great Commission publications for our Sunday school materials, and have designed the time to be interesting, spiritually significant and enjoyable.

Young Men's Discipleship Group

Middle School/ High School

Soaring Oaks currently provides a discipleship/mentoring program for our middle school and high school aged male youth. Although we have provided something similar in the past for our young women, we currently do not have any junior/ senior high school-aged young ladies at this time. 

Those that lead the Young Men’s Discipleship group are committed to encouraging our youth in their faith through Bible study, discussion of current issues in our society, and group support. This group is run by three men in our congregation with the help of many more as they are needed. For more information or to get involved, please contact Larry Larsen.

Vacation Bible School - Art and Bible Camp

All Ages

Soaring Oaks is unusual in that we provide both an intensive Bible study program as well as a multi-media art experience for the children during our Vacation Bible School which we hold every summer in July.  We provide the children an opportunity to express their creativity and problem solving skills through arts and crafts. Each year we strive to add new projects to keep the program stimulating. The emphasis of this art experience is on free expression so each project will reflect the child’s individual taste and creativity. We offer VBS for children from 3 years - 6th grade.

*For the safety and protection of every child, it is the policy of Soaring Oaks Presbyterian that all individuals who work with children be fingerprinted and have a routine background check performed.  We regret that this is needed in this day and age, yet believe we must do what is necessary in order to keep everyone safe. 

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