Helping Hands


We need your help! During the week of February 24 – March 2, 2019, our church is on deck to serve homeless men and women in our community with hearty meals and a safe warm place to rest for the night.  Please let us know if you may be able to help.  We do not need to know specifically which day you may be available, we are simply assessing how much our church can do before we seek assistance from other congregations.  We will firm up specific schedules in January. If you are able to serve in one or more of areas listed below please contact Dawn Robinson or Janet Brown or click here to sign up.  

·         NIGHT TEAM LEAD – need one person nightly to be the  liaison between SOPC and EG WINS volunteers. Their job is to ensure that all church resources and volunteers are in place.  Need to be onsite between 5:15 pm and 10pm the night they serve.

·         OVERNIGHT TEAM MEMBER – need 2 male and 1 female each night to stay with guest through the night. Need to be awake through most of the night, alternate rest break with team members. Onsite between 8pm and 6:30am.

·         FOOD PREPARERS – Food preparers will prepare meal to feed @ 30 people to be served at 6:45pm.  Menu will be determined in advanced and some food items will be donated. Cooks can work independently or with a small team and should arrive no later than 5:30pm.

·         SERVERS – Assist set up,  serve dinner to guests and prep breakfast for the next day.  Be onsite between 5:30pm and 8:15pm.

·         BEVERAGES/SETUP -- Prepare hot and cold beverages and set out cutlery/plates, etc. Should arrive no later than 5:15pm.

*In addition to these volunteer opportunities at Soaring Oaks, EG WINS is also in need of drivers to transport guests from Elk Grove United Methodist Church (where guests check in) to host churches in evening and drivers to pick them up in the morning. Contact Dawn if this is an area you may consider serving.


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